Experience Analytics

Let the customer data explosion create more insights, not more problems.

The data explosion can be overwhelming – often businesses are losing sight of the customer, not gaining customer insight. Axim’s Experience Analytics practice sees things differently: turning data into intelligence, analytics into insight and the Internet of Things into innovation.

How experience analytics can solve the big CX challenges
Creating the most actionable intelligence from the least viable amount of data.

Businesses must identify the most meaningful data and make it actionable by getting it to the right people at the right time. Axim’s Optika™ provides the answer.

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Navigating more and more analytics solutions.

Predictive? Prescriptive? Machine learning? AI? Empathy? The growing analytics options are bringing opportunity and confusion in equal measure. Axim can provide the answers.

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Our Solution

Axim Optika™


the right data
to drive the
right CX actions


data, analytics
and actionable


faster CX

Realize more customer value from less data.

Business want to focus the least amount of viable data to drive the most impactful customer experience actions. Axim’s Optika™ framework enables this. How? By curating the right data; by collecting and connecting disparate data sources with multiple analytics tools to deliver actionable intelligence; and by visualizing fast-moving customer data for the people who need it most to accelerate decision-making.

The Benefits

  • Connect and collect the most valuable data.
  • Standardize and integrate disparate data sources.
  • Better manage increased volumes of data.
  • Visualize fast moving, complex data.
  • Accelerate decision-making.
  • Actionable data to right people at right time.
  • Scale easily to IoT and new analytics engines.

How CX Governance can help you

CX capability
Increase the business impact of your CX strategies, tools and technologies.
Axim Evaluata™
Axim Barometa™
Minimize the negative impact of aging and EoL legacy on your customer service.
Online channel
Stop the internet damaging your customer experience and channel strategies.
Axim Retina™
Data risk
Reduce the threats of data breaches and cyber attacks to your corporate reputation.

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